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Samsung R&D Bangalore (On-Campus 2019)

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  • Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2019
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Round 1:

It was a 3 hour long online contest and there was only one problem.

Every point in the universe is represented by (x, y) co-ordinates . The distance between two points ->(x1, y1) and (x2, y2) can be calculated as abs(x1-x2)+abs(y1-y2) . Time to travel unit distance is 1 Second. Now there are n warmholes, Every warmhole is described by 3 details-> co-ordinates of one end of warmhole, co-ordinates of other end of warmhole and time to travel through the warmhole. Now we are given a source and a destination and we have to calculate minimum time to go from source to destination by using any number of warmhole.

0<=N<=5 (number of warmhole)
Co-ordinates of every point: (x, y) 0<=x, y<=1000.

I applied Floyd Warshall. there were 50 test cases and in order to qualify for the next round you have to pass all the test cases. 55 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2:

In this round we were divided into four groups and we have given a problem and we had to write the code on paper, time given was 20 minute. and after that we had to discuss our approach.


tips: do not use STL, keep the code clean with proper indentation. and break the code into different functions.

Round 3: technical( F2F)  

STL were not allowed.

Q1.> count all subsets in an array whose sum is equal to k.

Q2.> given a 32 bit number N. reverse the bits of it in group of four and return the resultant number.

if bit representation of N is b31b30b29b28b27. .  .  .b7b6b5b4b3b2b1b0. then the bit representation of N’ will be

b3b2b1b0b7b6b5b4 . . . . b31b30b29b28.

Q3.> find the first node involved in the loop in a link list.

Q4.> reach source to destination in minimum step with some blocked cell in a grid.

and some questions on Data structure and algorithm like which DS will be used in the given condition and why. And
time complexity of various algorithm.

Round 4 : (Managerial round)

I. discussion on project.

II. your daily activity.

III. What is your dream job.

IV. How you felt after rejection in previous company

Round 5 (HR Round):

questions from PPT.

what do you know about our work and how will you contribute in it.

questions on OSI model.

questions on family background.

what technology do you want to learn.

RESULT:   selected 🙂






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