Samsung R&D – Bangalore Interview | Hiring -2019

Samsung R&D Bangalore conducted an on-campus interview. First Online round was conducted and shortlisted student were eligible for an interview which had 3 rounds: 2 technical and an HR .

Profile: Network Software Engineer roles

Online Round:

This round had single question to be solved in 3 hrs.

Question link:

Question had 10 testcases that had to be solved in above specified time and at a constraint of 5 maximum submissions.

To qualify this round, all test cases needs to be passed.

About 92 students were shortlisted.

Technical Round 1:

My interview was mainly focused on Operating System, Computer Networks, C.

Interview started with my resume and projects. Few questions i remember are:

Operating System:

Deeply roasted in Inter Process Communication:

  • What are IPC ?
  • Diff. between Interrupts and signals
  • Diff. between Interrupts and Exceptions
  • Can interrupts be software or hardware? ( was asked to explain mechanism, if any)
  • Write a C program for making an interrupt
  • How User programs interacts with System programs ( diagrammatic representation was demanded )
  • Semaphores vs mutex
  • Can semaphores be used to communicate among different process, if they have no shared memory
  • Write a program implementing semaphores

Computer networks:

  • Draw TCP/IP and OSI layers
  • Discuss the flow when we type any URL in browser?
  • How DNS works ( diagrammatic representaion was also demanded)
  • Which layer had which protocol
  • TCP/IP layers equivalent in OSI model layers
  • Leaky Bucket Algorithm
  • Why can’t we use MAC address alone for communication
  • What is CSMA ?
  • In which layer it is implemented?
  • What is collision and where it is handled?
  • What is Sliding window and where it is implemented ( diagrams required )

C language:

  • What are the segments in which a program is compiled ( required answer is about data segment, heap segment etc)
  • Volatile vs local variable
  • Few programs were asked to be implmented

Some logical and apti questions were asked.

Technical Round 2:

Interview started with my projects and few other things on my resume.

Then a question on data structure was asked:

You are given an list of words. Design an algorithm for a function that takes a word as parameter, say prefix_word. You need to return all the words from the list that has prefix as prefix_word sorted with highest occurrence frequency and in case of same, then follow lexicographical order.

Also design function to add to a new word to the list.

Other constraints were that they are called multiple times per second and list may have millions entries. So efficient data structures has to be devised.

Few things about other subjects were also asked.

HR :

Round started with my projects, my competitive programming platforms and ranks, my weaknesses, why samsung, where do you see yourself after 5 years and so on.


PS: Interviewers were very calm and co-operative. The next question was decided from the answer of current question.

Thank you.

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