Samsung R&D Bangalore Interview Experience (On-Campus 2019)

Round 1:

It was a 3 hour long online contest and there was only one problem.

Question :- Given a graph tell if graph is bi-parted if yes then print any one color all node. There where 10 test cases and no STL were allowed to use.

Those who cleared all test case were allowed to sit in next round. Total 90 student applied and 3 student got selected for next round.

Round 2:

Technical Interview-1:

1.Introduce yourself and about your projects.

2.Explain  TCP/IP and one protocol from each layer.

3.Given 3 router A, B and C connected in linear fashion(A-B-C). A router want to send packet to C router. You know IP address and MAC address then tell which data  will change during packet transformation.

4. Different between packet switching and circuit switching.

5. Different between AVL and Red-Black tree.

6.Write call for a pointer function which return a pointer.

7.Given two array and second array contain merging point. Find the merging point.

8.What was the problem in round 1 and how did you solve it.

9. Any question to ask.

All 3 got selected for next round.

Round 3:

Technical Round-2:

1.Introduce yourself.

2.A question related to my project.

3.Which is your favorite subject. I told data structure and algorithms.

4.What all algorithms you know.

5.Application of DFS and BFS.

6.How did you solve your round 1 problem.

5.Given the starting and destination node in graph solve this using either on DFS or BFS.

6.What is complete binary tree.

7.Write a function which take two number as parameter A and B. You have to set the Bth bit to 0 of A.

8.Any Question.

All three got selected and I was one among them.

Be confident during interview.

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