Samsung R & D internship Interview

Round 1: 

It was coding round on co-cubes platform. There were three question, 1: a very basic string manipulation question,

2: based on array concepts, 3: based on tree. The ones who cleared the test went to the second round.

Round 2: Technical Round

Questions on tree concepts were focused on. DFS, BFS and other searching algorithm were asked. Basic question on linked list, pointers, function pointers were also asked.

I was asked a matrix puzzle question. Suppose there is a NxN matrix, it has a Source named S and a destination named D somewhere in the matrix. Give an efficient solution so as to find the minimum distance from source to destination.

More questions were asked about the project and they will ask you about the technologies used in depth. So prepare your approach to it well.

Round 3: HR Round

Simple questions, how your other interview went, why do want to join Samsung.

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