Samsung R & D Campus drive 2018

Round 1: About 90 students participated in the campus drive. First there was an one coding question, we had to pass all test cases to qualify for first interview .

35 students were selected for interview. In the interview. first they discuss the project and technologies that used in project . it is for 20min then they move to some basic OS, DBMS, data structure concepts. then they asked question related the langues you know (like C++, Java). after that some hands on coding question of sorting, tree,   linklist. atlast they asked some random coding, language, knowledge base question. this round take 1 hour.

Round 2:  More OS based question.

It was similar to round one but they wanted to know about our knowledge in OS since they were likely to hire for OS upgradation.

Round 3:  Just asked intro and why you want to join Samsung.

At lasy 12 students selected I was one of them………

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