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Samsung Noida(SRIN) Interview Experience | On-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 24 Dec, 2019
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Samsung R&D visited our campus for Research and Development Profile. Eligible Branches were CSE, ECE and EEE with 7.0 and above(But keep your pointer above 7.5 as 7.0 is only for paper work but in reality they needed 7.5 and above!).
There were four rounds:

It was a 3hrs coding round on their own platform. Those who were able to solve and pass 50 test cases were shortlisted for further technical rounds. The coding question was:

Quest 1(FIRST ATTEMPT): There is a source (S) and destination (D) and a spacecraft has to go from S to D. There are N number of wormholes in between
which has following properties:

Each wormhole has an entry and an exit.
Each wormhole is bi-directional i.e. one can enter and exit from any of the ends.
The time to cross the wormhole is given and the space craft may or may not use the wormhole
to reach D.
The time taken to travel outside wormhole between two points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) is given by a formula

|x1 – x2| + |y1 – y2|

where, (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) are the co-ordinates of two points.

The co-ordinates of S and D are given and we have to find the minimum time to reach D from S.

Note: It’s not mandatory to consider all the wormholes

Sample input: source=(0, 0), destination(100, 100), warmholes=3 .
coordinates are: (1, 2), (120, 120)
(4, 5), (120, 100)
(6, 8), (150, 180)
Sample output=48


15 students were shortlisted and the remaining were given another chance.

Quest 2(SECOND ATTEMPT): Energy distance problem.
7 more students were shortlisted.

TECHNICAL ROUND 1: It was a CV based interview. Some of the questions were
1.) Linux Commands
2.) Stack question
3.) Binary Tree question like relation between height and nodes in worst and average case, traversals in binary tree,
4.) OOPS based questions
5.) A small discussion on LRU Cache
6.) Some React Native questions
7.) Last question was why your pointer is so low. Mine was 7.33

1.) Write and explain the coding question which was asked in coding round.
2.) Some Inheritance related questions.
3.) Rotten Oranges question. Write code and explain. But the twist was he used bombs instead of oranges. I gave him code and explanation but he was not satisfied because in case of bombs we have to use concept of chain reaction.
4.) Some C++ questions like virtual function, virtual table etc.

In my case it was not the puzzle round but another small Technical round. Questions were:
1.) Introduce yourself.
2.) As I am from ECE branch he started asking micro controller questions.(He was not satisfied with my answers).
3.) Why Samsung?
4.) In which company you are placed? After answering this question he started comparing Samsung with another companies.
5.) Why one year gap and again why low pointer?
6.) Any Questions for me?

At last 12 students were given offers and i was not among them. In short have a good pointer, practice coding questions from GeeksforGeeks and well prepare your cv and microcontroller subject from ECE and OS from CSE.

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