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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 40 (On Campus White Box Testing)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2019

Round 1: First Round was coding round. One question in 3 hours and maximum 3 attempts to submit the question were allowed.

Question: Company  A  is discarding product numbers that contain few specific digits a specific number of time or more than that. You are given a range and you need to find product numbers that are possible.


Range: 24 to 12943

Numbers that should not come: 1, 3, 5

Number of times these number should not occur: 3 or more


In above case all two digit numbers are valid.

In three digit: 111, 113, 115, 311, 331, 333, 511, 533, 555 are not valid.

In four digit: All the numbers containing above 3 digit numbers are not valid.


Eg: 11223 is not valid, 11222 is valid.


Round 2: Second Round was Technical Interview Round (40-45 min). Questions from Data Structures, Computer Network, DBMS, SQL Queries, and Projects were asked.

  1. Structure of Singly Linked List.
  2. How to reverse Singly Linked List.
  3. How to subtract the first element in linked list from last node, second from second last node and so on.
  4. SQL query: You are given a table with names and sports the person play. One person can play multiple sports. SQL Query to find how many sports John play.
  5. Tell something about your Project.  (My Project was having a login page. So all the test cases for that scenario were asked)
  6. What is DNS?
  7. How many layers are there in OSI Model?
  8. What are different scheduling techniques in an operating system?

Round 3: Third Round was also the Technical Interview Round (25-30 min). Questions from Data Structures, Recursion, Software Engineering and Software Testing were asked.

  1. You are standing in the center of a circle and surrounded by some persons. In each iteration, a person is taken out. Which data structure will you use to implement this question?
  2. Write a program of factorial using recursion.
  3. Define all the test cases possible to check the above program.
  4. How will you send a report to a developer when you will encounter an issue?
  5. What is White Box and Black Box Testing?
  6. Explain any SDLC model.

Round 4: Fourth Round was HR Round.

  1. My Introduction
  2. Questions regarding my family.
  3. A puzzle.


This was the interview process for Samsung White Box Testing Profile. Elimination after each round was there. Written Test was on Day 1 and Interviews on Day 2.

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