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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 34 (On-Campus for R&D Noida)

Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2018
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The process consisted of following round:

1) ROUND-1 : It was a 3 hours coding round and the maximum number of submissions allowed was 10 , but we could compile it as much as we want.

1) There were 50 test cases and to qualify for the interview round, all 50 test cases had to be passed (Even passing 49 Test Cases was not accepted).

2) Those who couldn’t make it to the first attempt of coding round, they were given a second attempt having a different question with same constraints as mentioned above.

Qn-1 (First attempt) : A Research team want to establish a research center in a region where they found some rare-elements. They want to make it closest to all the rare-elements as close as possible so that they can reduce overall cost of research over there. It is given that all the rare-element’s location is connected by roads. It is also given that Research Center can only be build on road. Team decided to assign this task to a coder. If you feel you have that much potential..

Here is the Task :- Find the shortest of the longest distance of research center from given locations of rare-elements.

Locations are given in the matrix cell form where 1 represents roads and 0 no road..
Number of rare-element and their location was also given(number<=5)
and order of square matrix was less than equal to (20).

Qn-2 (Second attempt): There is a source (S) and destination (D) and a spacecraft has to go from S to D. There are N number of wormholes in between
which has following properties:

  •  Each wormhole has an entry and an exit.
  •  Each wormhole is bi-directional i.e. one can enter and exit from any of the ends.
  • The time to cross the wormhole is given and the space craft may or may not use the wormhole
    to reach D.
  • The time taken to travel outside wormhole between two points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) is given by a formula
|x1 - x2| + |y1 - y2|

where, (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) are the co-ordinates of two points.

The co-ordinates of S and D are given and we have to find the minimum time to reach D from S.

Note: It’s not mandatory to consider all the wormholes

sample input: source=(0,0), destination(100,100), warmholes=3 .
coordinates are: (1,2),(120,120)
Sample output=48

After the coding round , 3 students were selected for interview round:

ROUND-2 (Technical Interview) :

  • Explain your project that you have done.
  • They were mainly looking at the CV and asking questions from the skills we had mentioned in the CV.
  • Memory Leak
  • Comparison of two binary trees
  • Stack and heap
  • sizeOf(void) and sizeOf(void*)
  • Complexity of :


  • What will be the output of following code snippet
class A{
       //Do nothing
class B extends A{
   B(String s){
class test{
   public static void main(){
      B b=new B();
      B c=new B("Hello");

  • Puzzle: How to slice a cake in 8 equal parts in just 3 cuts ?
  • What is reference in C++ ?
  • Difference between pointers and reference.
  • They had asked questions related to the questions asked in Coding Round like how did you tackle the corner cas

This interview experience is of my friend Avinash Aman (IIEST, Shibpur). All the questions above were previously asked in Samsung. So, it’s a suggestion to all the juniors from Avinash to practice the previously asked questions and play games at the same time. 🙂

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