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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 33 (R & D Noida)

Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2019
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Round 1:3 hours online coding round
3 hrs were given to solve 1 programming question. 50 test cases were there. All the 50 test cases should be passed to qualify for 2 round(interview). If you qualify coding round then 90% you are selected.

Round 2:Technical 1
1.About problem asked in coding round. Difficulty faced.
Asked about programming language you know,I choose JAVA,asked about

2. What is static in Java?

3. How many threads we can run at a time?

4. States of a thread (diagram).

5. Infix to postfix.

6. What parameters should be measured to measure difference in load on a website(eg. IRCTC) in two months.

7. To Design a calculator how to perform mathematical operations and show result at each step write pseudo code.

Round 3: Technical 2

1. Huffman coding,why we add two smallest frequency?

2. Price of shares for ‘n’ days are given we need to maximize the profit for n days we can perform one of the three conditions for a days:-

Purchase any no of shares.

Sell any no of shares.

Do nothing.

3. Puzzle.

4. Puzzle.

5. Primary indexing vs Secondary indexing vs cluster indexing,multilevel indexing

6. Sparse indexing vs dense indexing.

7. Lossless decomposition Vs lossy decomposition.

8. What is context switch?How process state is saved(PCB)?,what PCB contains?

9. How to prevent deadlock?

10. Priority heap.

Round 4: Technical 3

1. Discussion on my summer intern project.

2. what is heap/stack collision?

3 .Frequency of each no in an array

4. Count sort,bucket sort.

Round 5: HR

It was a very casual interview .

No such type of questions what we prepare for HR round

Just prepare you resume carefully

You should know what you have written

Asked about interest(from resume)

General knowledge test about famous mobile companies their headquarters location .

What you think who are the competitors of Samsung?

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