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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 18 (On-Campus)

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Coding round was difficult, recently Samsung has increased difficulty level of its coding round, so please be in touch with DFS, BFS, Graph, matrix and ticker questions of backtracking.

Technical Interviews were easy to crack as compared to coding round. I had 3 rounds of interview

Round 1
Interview went through my resume and asked about the project I did

1 He asked me about BFS and DFS
2 Asked how to find cycle in directed graph? DFS or BFS ? Why not BFS?
3 Topological sorting ?
4 Radius of a graph? in O(n) complexity
5 Asked question about linked list and array.

Round 2

1 Gone through my resume, I had mention internet security as area of interest. He asked my symmetric key and asymmetric key cryptology.
2 Asked pointer to a function and function to pointer.
3 Asked to flip a bit in number.

Round 3

1 Detailed discussion of the project I had mention in my resume, challenges and how I resolved them.
2 Asked about memory layout in c programs.
3 Asked about static, register, auto and other access modifier.

Strong suggestion for you guys, if they are hiring you for project lead position then please better you stay unemployed and reject this offer. Project lead sounds nice but reality is very heart-breaking. You work as educated clerk with data entry work. Now if feel trapped and sad for my last job. All the best guys hope you take my advice before you join Samsung Noida as a project lead. If you like to work on new technology then please don’t join Samsung Noida as a project lead (PL).

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Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2019
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