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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 17 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 01 Jul, 2021
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Hello people, recently SAMSUNG BANGALORE visited our college for campus recruitment. The process took place in 2 days (one day for written and second day for interview) 

Round 1 (Coding 3hrs) 
A directed graph was given, in that we had to check whether a graph contain a cycle or not. This round was 3 hours of duration. 

Round 2 (Technical around 50 mins) 
For this round 26 people were selected. The ppt begun at around 9 am followed by interviews. 
They called names randomly for interviews, I was waiting for my turn and approx 1.15pm I was called for interview. 

1. He took a look on my resume and started asking about my current project. 
I explained him my project in detail.(ie. why, what, how, scope, algorithms, tools, software used) 
2. He asked me how will i relate this project to real life..etc 

3. What are the subjects you’ve studied during your post graduation? He also asked some questions related to those subjects. 

4. He gave me one problem that I have a box which contain some random numbers and I have to find median of the numbers but the condition is 
is that we were continuously inserting numbers in the box. 
I told him which sorting algorithm is best suited for such problem and how I find median. 

5. What is static and dynamic memory? 

6. Use of stack and heap. 

7. While context switching takes place what is stored on stack and heap. 

8. What is macro? He asked me the output of the following statement: 

#define Mahesh “PUNE” 

I gave him answer.He asked me 3 times, are u sure? sure? 100% ? 

This was his last question for me for this round. After some time the result were declared and I was selected for 2nd technical interview. 

Round 3 (Technical around 30 mins ) 
For this round 4 people were selected. Around 4.15 pm my interview started. 
The interviewer was friendly in nature. 

1. He asked me about my graduate mini project which I wrote on resume and questions like which language you chose? Why not other language? How you fire SQL queries? 
I told him the short description of my project and answers for above questions. 

2. Then he moved on to my current project. 
I told him in same way as I described in first round. He was quite impressed with me, as he compare my graduate project with this project. 

3. He gave me one puzzle of 13 bottles containing liquid with same level and one bottle is poisoned. Now we have 4 rats 
You have 13 wine bottles, one of which is poisoned. You want to determine which bottle is poisoned by feeding the wines to the rats. 
The wine takes 24 hours to kill,now you have 4 rats to test. Determine the poisoned bottled within 24 hours. 
I didn’t gave him a correct answer but I told him various approaches which were right. 

After that I was called for HR round (Felt relaxed) 

Round 4 (HR around 15 mins) 
For this round 3 people were selected. 

1. How was your day? 
2. What have you learned from today’s experiecne? 
3. For how many companies you applied before this? 
4. What are your hobbies? 
5. What are your extracurricular activities other than related to studies? 
6. What is your biggest achievement uptil now? 
7. What will you do if we will give you a work other than your domain? 
8. Do you have any question? 

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Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above 



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