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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 16 (On-Campus)

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Samsung visited our campus in the late of November, there were 3 rounds.
1. Coding Round
2. Technical Interview (taken by group of three panellists)
3. HR

Round 1:
This round consists of coding question related to BFS and DFS, time allotted was 3hrs, it was hosted on software that was provided by the company itself.
The question was sort of, given a 2 D matrix where 1 represent the places where the frog can jump and 0 represent the empty spaces, the frog can move freely in horizontal direction (on 1’s only) without incurring any cost (jump).A vertical jump from a given point of the matrix to other point on the matrix can be taken (on 1’s only) with cost as the number of jumps taken. Given a source and destination, the frog has to reach the destination minimizing the cost (jump).After this round of coding shortlist came; all those who were able to do the code were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2:
Round 2 began on the next morning 9 am , it was taken by a group of panellist from Samsung. Names were called one by one and the students appeared for the interview ,the weird thing about was that the names were called randomly 😛
I was waiting from the morning, in fear of next name being mine and desperation of clearing the interview. My pulses were high and the wait ended in the evening.

I just entered the interview room and they made me to sit.
They just asked about myself and made me somewhat comfortable.
The main question that were asked to me:

1. Based on sorting ,some of them were like
Difference between heap sort and merge sort, and which is better?
Which is better merge sort or the quick sort?
Basically interested in worst complexity and comparison of all sorting

2. C basic questions
Function pointers and asked me to write the code for it
Operator overloading
Virtual functions and asked to draw the virtual table also.
Function template and its code .

3. Dijisktra Algorithm and its code.
4. Given a linked list and a pointer to node, which is to be deleted? O (1) and some other linked list questions
5. Explain the asymptotic notation with exact diagram from the Corman.
6. Asked me the SDLC .
7. Some other things which i am not able to recall.

Round 3:
The last barrier to our goal was the HR round.
HR round was a quite fabulous for me. I answered each question in nice and accurate manner for which he was quite impressed with me.
He asked me to introduce myself and I did it quite well.
Then he asked some question based on my resume, about my whereabouts, passion and some general HR questions.

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Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2019
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