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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 15 (For Internship)

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Recently samsung delhi visited our campus for internship only for M Tech students were allowed. There were total 4 rounds and no written test. Their criteria was 8.0 pointer. They shortlisted students by their pointers and resume.

ROUND 1(project and thesis around 20 mins):

In this round they asked me about my thesis topic and btech projects… they want every single information form me.
I told whatever i had done for my thesis work and implementation. my topic was something related to security so they shortlisted me for the second round.

ROUND 2(programming around 25 mins)

second round was telephonic. after 2 days they called me. he used to asked me programming questions. he asked me which language i am comfortable. i said c and c++ . then he started me to ask questions.
1. what is pointer.
2. what is virtual function.
3. he told me four line code and asked me what is output.

    int b = 10;
    int &a;
    a = b;
    cout << a; 

4. he asked me what is the total time complexity to visit every element of an array of size a[n][n].
and some general questions related to programming.

ROUND 3(Technical around 20 mins):

I got selected for 3rd round and this was technical round and a bit easy for me as i like technical subjects. he asked me which subject i like most. i told him algorithm, data structure and operating system.
1. what is Dijkstra’s algorithm and MST(kruskal and prim’s algorithm) and the difference between them.
2. tell me about dfs and bfs. what is difference between them.
3. some of sorting algorithm.
4. there is an array with 10,000 elements filled with only 1,2 and 3. they are randomly present in array. he asked me can we short this array in O(n) time complexity.
5. some basic questions of linkedlist and stack.
and then last question he asked me
6. SDLC phases and the difference between spiral and waterfall model.

ROUNd 4(HR):

HR round is like formality. she asked me
1. tell me about yourself.
2. why is your percentage low in 10th and 12th class is there any specific reason.
3. my thesis topic in M Ttech.
and some general things.
next day result were declared and i am one of them. partyyyyy 🙂

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Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2019
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