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Samsung Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2019

Round 1:The first round consisted of an on paper test, it consisted of a large quantity of sort based questions like worst case, average case etc . Good knowledge with masters theorem was also required .It was an one hour test with around 25 questions other that the coding questions a few debugging questions was also present.

Round 2:The tech interview round lasted around 30 minutes, i was asked to write a full program to sort a linked list, talk about the differences between global variables and static variables. The interviewer also asked a lot of OOPS questions primarily inheritance based.

Round 3:The HR round was quite  hectic. It consisted of puzzles, a lot of personal questions like why choose coding(i was not a cs major), and he also commented that it showed a lack of responsibility towards my major. So if you are not from the cse branch do prepare for such questions.

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