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Samsung Interview Experience | On-campus for Samsung Research Institute,Bangalore

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2019
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SRI Bangalore visited my Institute for FTE as Network Software Engineer roles
There were a total of 4 rounds: 1 Online Coding Round, 2 Technical F2F rounds, 1 HR round.

Online Coding Round
It was held on Samsung’s own platform. There was 1 Question which had to be done in 3 hours
The question was based on unbounded binary search
Here’s the exact question that was asked Monotonic Sequence
There were 10 test cases. All had to be passed in order to qualify for the next round.
92 students qualified for the next round

Technical Round 1
The interviewer first asked me to give an introduction and talk about my interests.
He started with asking me in which domain am I most comfortable or what are my areas of interests.
I told him OOP, Data Structures and OS
So my entire interview revolved around these topics. Remember this is a great opportunity to decide where the interview will follow, It all depends on you. I was most confident in OOPs so I kept on telling him about the unique features of C++ which impressed him!
Some Questions which I was asked were:

  • What are virtual functions?
  • Explain vtable and vptr
  • Implement your own sizeof operator in C
  • Difference between null pointer and void pointer
  • Any real life use case of void pointer
  • Difference between processes and threads
  • How do threads communicate with each other?

After these Q’s he asked me to code a question similar to this He was interested in handling all edge cases and kept making minor modifications to the problem and asked me what corresponding changes will have to be done to my code!

Technical Round 2
It was a pen-paper based coding round. I was asked easy problems.

  • Since I had a project on Socket Programming in Java in my resume, he first asked me to implement a server socket with all API calls.
  • Write the code to find the diameter of Binary Tree (Started with O(n^2) and then optimized it to O(n))
  • print the diameter of the tree which I did by making slight changes in the prev code
  • Design and implement LRU Cache. I suggested a Linked List based approach but he wanted searches to be optimized so I suggested use of HashMaps
  • Few Questions on Networking such as NAT, Gateways, Routers, Network vs Transport Layer

I solved all of these problems and the interviewer seemed satisfied and told me to proceed with the HR round.

HR Round
Standard Questions such as

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Why Samsung?
  • Why this job profile?

Finally 19 students were shortlisted and I was one of them

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