Samsung Interview Experience | On-campus for Samsung R&D, Bangalore

Samsung R&D Bangalore visited our campus for FTEs for Network Software Engineer profile.

Written round:

The test consisted of 1 coding question which had to be done in 3 hours and only 5 submissions were allowed to pass all the test cases.

The question was to print the vertices that form a cycle in a directed graph in sorted order. Also, the standard libraries were not allowed so all the sorting functions and data structures needed to be coded as well.


Only 10 people were shortlisted for the interviews.

There were a total of 3 rounds of interview: 2 Technical F2F rounds and 1 HR round.

Round 1: This round went for about 2 hours. Firstly I was asked questions from my resume based on my projects.

I was asked to explain working of neural networks(specifically CNN) as i had used CNN in one of my projects.

There were general questions on inheritance and polymorphism.

Questions on TCP/IP model and OSI model, How does TCP  offer reliable data transfer?. Discussion on Selective Repeat and Go-Back N algorithms. Difference between TCP and UDP.

Then I was asked to code linked list with templates, String compare function and how is the exact location of an element obtained in a dynamically allocated 2-dimensional array.

Questions on OS- Difference between process and thread, What all is shared by threads?(The answer is System register, Program Counter and Stack), write a program on multithreading.

Last was to explain the memory layout of C programs and the location of global, local and static variables.(

Round 2: In this round, I was given a problem statement based on designing a system that decides which user should get more bandwidth depending upon user priority and signal strength. Basically, I was asked to apply ML on this problem. I suggested decision trees assuming that we have well defined classes of bandwidths and logistic regression for discrete values.

The interviewer seemed to be convinced with my answer and  asked me whether I would like to work on that specific profile. I replied positively.

At last, he asked me if I had any questions, to which I asked about the work that will be done by this profile, what all technologies we’ll be working on.

Round 3: This was HR round.

Who all are there in your family?

Did you get a PPO from your internship?

How were the previous two rounds?

On a scale of 1 to 10, what are your chances of being selected?

Verdict: Got selected!

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