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Samsung Interview Experience for R&D Bangalore (SRIB) | On-Campus
  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2020

Samsung’s R&D Bangalore (SRIB) visited our campus NIT Patna for virtual onboarding for Internship Opportunities. There were 3 rounds in total.

  1. Online Coding Skill Assessment Round
  2. Online Technical Interview 1
  3. Online HR Round

Round 1: Online Coding Skill Assessment Round. The coding round was hosted on in which we had to code 3 problems having 2 sample test cases with the further test cases to be tested in the background (not visible to us) within 70 minutes. There was one 3 marks question and two 5 marks question.  The questions in my set were:

  1. Armstrong Number.
  2. Ceil’s value for a BST.
  3. The dynamic programming problem was also asked in Google 2020 coding round. Only 2 out of around 170 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Note: Cocubes didn’t allow many STL functions. Your code has to pass rigorous test cases afterwards.

Round 2 (Online Technical Interview): This round was on Skype and lasted for almost 40 minutes.

  1. What is polymorphism?
  2. Applications of Polymorphism.
  3. What is Data abstraction?
  4. Difference between data abstraction and encapsulation.
  5. What are RDBMS and DBMS
  6. What are SQL and NoSQL?
  7. Write a few SQL queries.

Round 3 (Online HR Round): About which I don’t know much as I was not selected.

Tip: One should make efforts smartly and work wisely in every direction( including Projects, Operating Systems, DBMS, Computer Networks). ALL THE BEST!

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