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Samsung Interview Experience 2019

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  • Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2019
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Location: Noida

Round 1: It consist of a coding question that was – wormhole ( a standard Samsung question).

You can submit the code 10 times but can compile and run the code any number of times.

3 hrs was given for the question.

Round 2: It was technical and mainly cover some basic coding questions and rigorous OS. 

Questions are :

  1. find whether a number is power of 2 or not in O(1)
  2. Question on Prefix sum ( don’t remember exactly ).
  3. draw the state transition diagram of operating system.
  4. draw the labelled diagram about what happens when we start a computer. what will change if we have more than 1 os in the pc. who will handle which operating system will run.
  5. LRU and its implementation and advantage.
  6. checked the in depth knowledge of contiguous and non contiguous memory location.
  7. process scheduling algorithms.
  8. Basics of network layer.
  9. Explanation of at least 2 protocol for each layer.

Round 3:Round 3 was technical cum HR 

Questions are

1 difference between a relation and non relational databases. where do we use relational and non relational databases explain.

2 family background and list of companies I have previously sit for.

3. Why Samsung ? Have you done any specific preparation for Samsung.

4 some basics of sql.

My advice 

  1. Stay calm and confident. They will give you enough time to think so relax.
  2. Have a thorough knowledge of OS
  3. As far as project is concerned you can have a basic project but should know its inside that why particular frame work or database and certain other things are used.
  4. Samsung interview are generally easy. You just have to stick to the basics.
  5. If you don’t know something you can say ” this thing I don’t know ” or if you have forgot something then ” I am not able to recall” rather than spending more than enough time.


For any kind of assistance in Samsung Interviews the link for all the questions asked  –

All the questions are verified and solved in the least complexity time.

For any query regarding any round kindly mail to I will be happy to help.

At last, Thanks geeks for geeks for helping out in interview preparations.



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