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Samsung E-commerce Interview Experience | 2 years Experienced

  • Last Updated : 23 Dec, 2019
Geek Week


Background: I worked primarily as a backend Java developer in a product based company in Bengaluru for 2 years.

So one fine day I got a call from a consultant regarding an opening for a software developer in Samsung e-commerce division in Chennai. On showing interest, he contacted Samsung HR who then scheduled a telephonic interview with some senior developer at Samsung.


Round 1: Telephonic Round

I was connected at 7 pm with the interviewer. It was an audio call with a shared online editor where he can see and edit what I am coding.

He first asked me the technologies I have worked on and then quickly moved on to the questions. I think to make me comfortable with the online editor, he first asked me a really simple question:

Q1: Given a reference to a node in a doubly-linked list, delete the node.

A1: I just told him the simple solution to it with the corner cases covered.

Q2: He then moved on to the actual question of the Petrol Pump Problem.

A2: I was continuously speaking up whatever approach was coming to my mind. The interviewer hardly stepped in and I think was silently observing my thinking. Although I struggled, somehow I was able to come up with a solution. I told him the solution which I knew was not an efficient one. He then asked me what will be the time complexity of the solution. After that, he told me to code it up, which I did. He just did a dry-run on the solution to validate.

Since I was not able to come up with an optimal solution I thought maybe it is over. But to my surprise, I got a call from the HR telling that I have cleared the telephonic interview and the next rounds of interviews will happen in the Samsung Bengaluru office.

The next day I got a call from HR informing me that the interviews will happen in Chennai instead. They booked the flight tickets and my next rounds of interviews happened in the Chennai office which was a small office rented from Smart Works.


Round 2: Design Round by Senior Engineering Manager

The interviewer first asked me about the technologies I have worked on. Then he told me to design a database model for an online quiz assessment platform.

I first gathered all the requirements that the quiz platform will need. Then I just created all the entities along with the associations. We then also discussed the APIs that need to be developed.

He then asked me to design the class diagram for the current project I am working on.

Overall according to me, it was an okay interview as I was not able to deduce anything from the interviewer’s expression. A few minutes later I was called for the next round.


Round 3: Data Structure and Algorithm Round by Senior Developer

The interviewer first asked me about the couple of projects I have worked on in my company. Then he moved on to the questions.

Q1: Replace with the next larger number. He told me to skip brute-force and give an optimal solution in O(n).

A1: Somehow it clicked me and I was able to come up with an optimal solution using a stack. Then he told me to code it up on a paper. He did a dry-run to validate my solution.

Q2: Binary Search Tree in range.

A2: I think it was a fairly simple problem, I just came up with a recursive solution.

After this round, I was taken to a different floor for lunch.


Round 4: Interview with the Hiring Manager

He asked me some typical questions like why I am looking for a new job, what do you expect from this job and a few more.

He then told me that he is offering me the job and wants me to join ASAP for which he was ready to buy out from my current company. He congratulated me and told me to enjoy the rest of the day exploring Chennai.


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