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Samsung Delhi Interview Experience | Set 38 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2019
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Round 1 : (Coding Round)

This was a coding round.There are n balloons and n bullets and each balloon is assigned with a particular number (point). Whenever a particular balloon is shot the no of points increases by 1.the multiplication of point assigned to balloon on left and that of right side.

2.point assigned to left if no right exists

3.point assigned to right if no left exists.

4.the point assigned to itself if no other balloon exists.

You have to output the maximum no of points possible.


1 2 3 4



13 out of 67 qualified for next round.There are 50 test cases and you qualify only if all the test cases i.e. all 50 of them passed.

Round 2:(Technical Interview)

This was a technical interview.The interviewer asked me explain about the work I had done in Internship.

Then he asked to explain the algorithm used to solve the question given in coding round.

He asked my favorite subject which was data structures and Algorithms.Although I had not written OS in my CV; he asked me to implement LRU Cache and explained what it was and asked me think of it as an algorithm question.Finally I came up with 5 solutions and he seemed satisfied with it.

Then he asked;What is polymorphism?

Types of Polymorphism.What is Virtual Function?Vptr and Vtable

What are the disadvantages of RDBMS?What is Indexing?

Then he asked me if I had any questions.

I asked him about the technologies he is working on.He explained me the concept of Samsung Smart TV and how they are using ML and IOT for the same.

9 out of 13 were selected for next round.

Round 3:(HR Interview)

This was the best HR interview till date.

He asked me give my introduction.

He wanted it to be brief but I went too much into detail about my internship.

He asked me about my family background and whether I have any problems working in Delhi or not.

He asked me about other job offers and really grilled me on why I am not considering them.

Why Samsung?

Then he asked me about the volume of the room and I really messed it up. I lost my presence of mind and gave an absurd answer.He told me that I was giving him a reason to not select me.

The pressure escalated quickly and he suddenly popped a next number in the sequence puzzle and it took me around 3-4 minutes to solve it.

The HR was a great guy. The problem was that I had lost my cool and was under a lot of pressure.So please stay calm under pressure. He was checking whether I could produce an output under pressure or not; It took me time but I came out with the correct output.

I thank geeksforgeeks for the content and variety of coding questions that it has.



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