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Samsung Delhi Interview Experience | On Campus NIT Agartala | August 2019

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Round 1:

It was a 3 Hour Coding Test in which you need to solve a single Coding Question in C, C++ or Java. The Question may be from any paradigm of algorithm and the constraints were not that large. You can Solve this question by looking at all possibilities also.

My Question Was: This

There are 50 test cases and you need to pass all the test cases for getting selected in next round. If you pass 49 test cases also, bad luck you will be rejected. Number of times you can submit is 10. But you can test the code as many times as you required by giving mannual input.

Branches Allowed:- Computer Science And Engineering, Eletronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering.

Around 100+ Student appeared from all the branches Only 14 Qualified For Next Round 13 from Computer Science and Engineering and One from Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Please Study All the graph Algorithms for shortest path, Minimum Spanning Tree etc. and other paradigm like Backtracking, Dynamic Programming etc.

Round 2:(Technical Round)

Duration:- 1Hr 20Min

It was a long Technical round of 1Hr 20 Min Approx. He started with Some Basic Concepts of Object Oriented Programming like

  • What happens to the visibility of data type of base class when we inherit the base class privately.
  • Virtual destructor of a class.
  • Early and Late Binding.
  • Does friend function violates  Encapsualtion property of the Object Oriented Programming?

Then he moves on to the Operating System Questions like

  • What is Threading?
  • Difference between Thread and Process.
  • What is the difference between Mutex and Binary Semaphore though they work same?
  • Can you write a code for implementing thread in Java(I said no because I have not worked in that area)
  • Why do we need thread?
  • What are the linux command you know?
  • Can you sort all the files with ls linux command.

Then he moves on to the important part of the Interview i, e puzzles. He asked me 5 Puzzles as Follows:-

  • There are 25 Horses and a race course. Race course can run 5 Horse at a time and all the horses have different speed and no horse reduce its speed in any number of time it runs. Find out the 5 Fastest horses among these 25 horse with minimum numbers of Races and tell me the no. of races you required.
  • There are 10 bags and each bag has ample number of balls of 10gm except one bag which has ample number of 9gm balls or we can say there is a faulty bag which has different weight ball among that 10 bags. And you have a weighing machine but the catch is you can only weigh once. Find Which bag is having faulty weight balls among that 10 bags.
  • There are 3 Bucket of 8 litre 5 litre and 1 litre capacity. The 8 Litre Bucket is full of water and other two buckets are empty. Your task is to make 4 litre water into 8 litre bucket and 4 litre into 5 litre bucket by swapping the water with minimum swapping.
  • There are numbers from 1 to 101 and among that number one number is repeated. Find that Number.
  • There are 3 Bulbs in a room and 3 switches Outside room, each switch is dedicated to one bulb inside that room. The room is locked and you need to find out which switch is of which bulb. And You can open the door once. Means if you open the door then you cant make any switch ON or OFF and you have to tell the answer which switch is of which bulb given all the switches were off when the door was closed or  you can say when the game started.

I solved all the puzzles and he was quite satisfied.

Then he moved on to coding and gave a simple coding question on linked list and told me to write the code for this problem with no error including syntax and all boundary conditions. The Question was like-

 Insert a New Node in the Linked List at a count that will be taken input. Like if I say 5th count then the             new node with new data should be the 5th node of the linked list.

I made a slight mistake in boundary value then he asked that there is an error in the code find that and correct that and i found out the error and corrected it. He was satisfied.

He immediately took me to HR telling that I am Selected for Technical Round.

Study all the Top Puzzles in geeksforgeeks, they look for how fast you solve the puzzle or any problem. Study  all the Core CS/IT Subjects like Data Structures, Algorithm, Operating System, Networking etc. in depth.

9 Out of 14 Students were selected for next HR Round including 8 from Computer Science and Engineering and 1 from Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Round 3:(HR Round)

Duration:-20 Min

If you are in HR round 90% Chance is that you are seleted.

She asked me to introduce myself. And then asked about my Family Background.

  • Then there was a discussion about the projects I have done and the Internships
  • Then she asked me to tell 10 adjectives about me. I told 4 and then suddenly I Can’t recall and she was laughing.
  • She told me to tell a negative adjective about me.
  • Asked about plans on higher studies.
  • Job Location constraint.
  • Asked me about if I am free to join the Noida Office of Samsung.
  • How many years can I give to samsung?


The Whole Process started at 9 AM and It was almost 8PM when I have given my HR Interview.

After an hour later the result came at 9 PM.

8 Out of 9 in HR Round were Selected and I was One Among them. Thank you geeksforgeeks. Without geeksforgeeks it was not possible.

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Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2019
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