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Samsung Delhi Interview Experience (On-Campus for Software Engineer) – September 2018

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 18 Jul, 2019
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Samsung R&D Institute, Delhi visited our campus for FTE offer. The cut-off was 7 CGPA throughout and eligible departments were CSE, ECE and EE.

1. Online coding round
This round was an online coding round in which one question with 50 test cases was to be solved in 3 hours on Samsung’s own software. You have to pass all the 50 test cases in order to qualify this round.
The question was this -> Busrt balloon to maximize coins.

22 out of 70 candidates were shortlisted for the next round.

2. Technical Interview
The Interview started with a little discussion on one of my projects, mainly to know whether I have worked on Application and Development domain or not. He then asked me to rate myself in c and c++ and I said 7, which he didn’t appreciate much. :p
He started with very basic C and C++ like what are Storage Classes and What is the use of register keyword and Gradually he started going into depth like why does using it make the program faster. Then he asked what happens if we try to find the factorial of a very large number through recursion and then asked me what other ways can it be solved. I gave him total 3 solutions and he was satisfied. Few more questions from Data Structures and Algorithms, dynamic Programming, like What will be the time complexity of Removing an element from a Min Heap, Practical Implementation of Stack, BFS and DFS traversal of a graph. One interesting question was that In how many minimum number of rolls of a dice can we reach the destination in the game of snake and ladder. He asked about my approach to solve this and at first I was blank but the Interviewer was quite helpful and he explained me the question again and gave enough time to think and ultimately I came up with a Solution and he was convinced with it.
They were also asking about the solution of the Question in the coding round to everyone.

I was able to answer all of the questions he asked and he was quite impressed with me and sent me directly to the Hr round.

For some candidates, they took 2 or 3 technical rounds also. So, you might have to face more than one technical round if they are not satisfied with you.

14 out of 22 candidates were selected for the hr round.

3.HR Interview
It started with the standard ‘Tell me about yourself’ question and I basically told her everything that I have was there in my CV and apart from projects, there were many co-curricular activities I was involved in which she seemed impressed about. Then she asked what are my expectations from the company and where do I see myself in coming few years. Then few questions about my family and that was it.

13 out of 14 candidates were given the job offer and I was one of them. 🙂

I would like to thank geeksforgeeks which helped me a lot in interview preparation.

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