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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2020

Recently Samsung visited my campus for full time recruitment.

Round 1:
60 MCQ – 20 each on verbal, logical reasoning and quantitative analysis
One hour was given and around 70 were shortlisted to the next round
Round 2:
We then had next round the very same day and it was coding round. There were three questions and 1 hr was given
1. Given two polynomials as linked lists, return a linked list which represents the product of two polynomials
2. Given a string find the number of occurrences of the pattern 1[0]*1
Technical Interview I:
It started with a formal introduction and the interviewer asked about me. Then he started asking me about my project on Distributed Systems and various questions based on that. Then questions on TCP/UDP, which is better, how, etc.
Then he asked me questions from the linked list question asked in coding round. As I didn’t complete that question and he asked me how will i do it. They had the code and asked me to correct it.
As i said i was interested in mobiles, he asked the differences between Android and iOS
He asked two small puzzles as well
Technical Interview II:
The next round interview again started with a formal introduction and he asked about my passion, etc. Then he started asking basic question on OOPS concepts. I was asked about many keywords in C and how they work. Memory map, variables storage, etc.
They require candidates with very good knowledge on basics.
Again in this round, my project on Distributed Systems was taken and there was a thorough review about it. How i implemented, why did i do that way, etc.
Next he had a discussion about my internship, what I did there, etc.
Finally the dynamic programming question asked in round 2 was reviewed and he asked for optimizations.
Technical Interview III:
Few were selected for HR from round 2, but i had another round of technical interview where again i was asked questions from networks and OS basics, scheduling, difference between mutex and semaphore and many more conceptual questions. There wasn’t any coding related questions this time.
HR Round:
Then finally i was called for the HR Round. Following questions were asked:
1.Tell about your internship experience
2.Did they give you full time offer?
3.Why do you want to join Samsung, when you have an offer already? (I had an offer from the company I interned)
4.What were the companies you attended previously and why do you think you failed in them?
5.How did you take those failures and improve them?
6.Questions about how the previous rounds were and what department you’d like to work and few more i forgot.
Finally, after a long wait, the results were said and I was lucky enough to get selected. Thanks a lot to geeksforgeeks without which I couldn’t have prepared well.

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