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Samsung Bangalore (SRIB) Interview Experience | Set 26 (For Internship)

Last Updated : 05 May, 2022
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Samsung Bangalore (SRIB) visited our campus for internships. There were 3 rounds in total.

First Round (M.C.Q.s):

The first round was basically an Aptitude round comprising 20 questions each of English, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. So, there were 60 questions in total to be done in 60 minutes. The questions were easy but only time factor was the big challenge. Looked as if there was no negative marking. Out of 110 students, 77 made their way towards the coding round.

Second Round (Coding):

The second round consisted of 3 programming question of 3,3 and 5 marks respectively to be done in 70 minutes. Both the round (1st and 2nd) were hosted on cocubes. The questions asked to me were:
1. Write a program to count the elements in an array which are greater than all elements to its right. (3 marks).
2. Given a matrix representing which child likes which toy. Also, matrix[i][j] = 1 represents that child ‘i’ likes toy ‘j’. One child can get only 1 toy and one toy can be assigned to only 1 child. Find maximum number of children who can get the toy they wished. (3 marks)
3. Find last digit of ‘a raised to the power b’ (a^b) where ‘a’ and ‘b’ were large enough. (5 marks)
Some students were asked popular SPOJ problem – “Aggressive cows”.
Hidden test cases are present in cocubes, so be careful about it. Solving two questions in this round was sufficient to proceed to the third round. Around 54 students were shortlisted for final round.

Third Round (Group Discussion):
The third round was Group Discussion. Students were divided in group of 11-12. Our group was given a situation where we had to come up with a start-up idea in which if we invest 10 lakh rupees, then it could become 10x of the original. Important thing to remember there is to speak as early as possible and convey your ideas and points clearly and effectively. Be very specific in your ideas and do not become repetitive as it may lead you towards getting negative points.
Finally, 21 students were selected for internship. I was lucky enough to be one of them.
Good Luck!!

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