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Samsung Bangalore (SRIB) Interview Experience | Set 23 (For Internship)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2019

Online Round:

It was conducted on cocubes. It had 2 rounds written assessment.

Round 1:
Round 1 had 60 questions which were to be solved in 60 minutes. There were 20 questions each on English, Logical and Quantitative Aptitude.
I think there was sectional cut off as well as the overall cutoff. No one was able to read all the questions, so speed mattered in this round.
80+ students out of 120 were shortlisted for the second round.

Round 2:

Round 2 had 3 coding questions which were of 3,3 and 5 marks.
Questions were:
1. An element is known as leader element if all the elements to the right of it are smaller than it (rightmost element is always leader).Return count of such elements in given array.
2. It was aggressive cows question which you can easily find by googling.
3. If a and b are large numbers we were asked to output the last digit of a^b.
45 students made it to next round which was Group Discussion.
Group Discussion
The topic for group discussion was how to change the mindset of Indians from being a service based on being product based i.e. how can we bring about the change so that we start producing technical goods in India.

My advice try to speak as early as you can in such group discussions.

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