Samsung Bangalore Internship Interview Experience 2018

There were total of 3 rounds:-

Round 1(Online test): This was a coding round held on cocubes. There were 3 questions of 3, 5, 5 marks respectively.

Q1. Given an array containing some zeros, move the zeros to the end while maintaining the relative order of other elements.
Q2. Given a 2d grid of characters search for the number of occurrences of a particular word. The character have to be searched in all possible ways.
Q3. Given a binary tree find the minimum distance 2 given elements.
At least 2 questions had to be solved to be selected in the next round. 57 students were selected fo the next round from around 150 people.

Round 2(Group Fly):

Groups of 4 were formed and each group was assigned a different problem.

My question was: given A, B, N where A<=N, B<=N a magic number is defined as a number which is divisible by A or B. Find the number of magic numbers till N.

The follow up question to this was to find the Kth Magic number.


The questions can be easily solved in O(n), we had to present a solution with lesser complexity. For this round interact with your mentor as much as possible and explain every detail in your code. Speed was also of the essence, the one’s who got the optimized the code first were through for the next round.

Around 35 students were selected for the next round.

Round 3(Technical cum HR round):

The questions were mainly based on my resume. We extensively discussed some projects on my resume, you should be aware of the project as a whole and not just on the parts you had contributed.

Finally 22 students were selected for the internship. I was fortunate enough to be one of them. GeeksforGeeks helped me a lot for my preperation.


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