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Salesforce Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

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Salesforce visited our campus. They completed the whole procedure on that day only. Salesforce visited for recruiting Software Engineers(Interns and FTEs)

There were 3 rounds only: Online round followed by Pre-placement Talk, Technical Interview and GD.

First Round
Online round was taken on hackerearth. There were 12 questions: 10 MCQs and 2 codes.
There were different question set for different candidates. No negative for MCQs so better to attend all. Questions were easy to moderate like MCQs that are available on GeeksforGeeks.
There were two easy to medium codes:

A problem was like the following-
Check if an array of string is a circular in nature i.e., if the first character of first string of the array is same with the last character of the last string of the array , if the first character of second string of the array is same with the last character of the first string of the array , if the first character of third string of the array is same with the second character of the last string of the array and so on.

Some candidates had some easy DP problems also.

Around 12 students were selected for the second round. Then there was pre-placement talk with the representatives giving complete details about the company, and future force, its technological centers, its technologies and the skills required. Its always better to attend the pre-placement talk.

Second Round
This was a technical interview. There were 2 interviews going on simultaneously. The questions were mainly asked on Core Computer Science Subjects like OS, Data Structures and Algorithm, OOPs, DBMS and some behavioural questions.
Also there was a thorough discussion on Project in your CV. They read your CV very thoroughly. They ask you questions related to subjects written in your CV. They also ask questions on System Design questions and want to know how you apply your OOPs, DBMS and DS concepts for the design.
They ask the coding question to you that were not in your coding test and were there in the sets of other candidates. So its better to discuss those questions before going for the interview. They will ask you to write complete code on paper and ask if your code will run for all test cases by providing you different edge test cases.

6 of us made it to the final round.

Third Round
This was a GD round. They give us 5 minutes to discuss in group and decide a topic for the discussion. Then they give us 20 minutes to for the group discussion. The topic decided was “Innovation in technology for the betterment of the Society”. Try to put good points, be a leader- initiate the GD and try to bring everyone into discussion by asking them into put their points and be a mediator by bringing the group into the topic if discussion is going in the other direction.

Finally, 2 candidates from final year were hired for FTEs and 2candidates from pre-final year were hired for Interns.

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Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2017
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