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Salesforce Interview Experience | On-Campus
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2019

Round 1:

It was a coding round. A gentle lady came from the Salesforce team and told that from this year onwards, Salesforce has decided to judge only on basis of your coding skills. So they are not giving any objective type questions.

The questions were :

1.] Given a tree where each node has a number and a character stored in it.

Input : <node_no> <char>

Output : number of nodes in the sub-tree of that node having character in them as <char>

2.] A man went to an island & finds stones having some numbers on it. Put the stones logically into bucket. Two buckets can be merged if they having contiguous numbers.

E.g. He found 1, 7, 8

Output :

[[1, 1]]

[[1, 1], [7, 7]]

[[1, 1], [7, 8]]

3.] Some Doraemon training to find power of Kth doraemon. Simple if-else & sort.

Next Rounds :

Next rounds were interview rounds and were 3 in numbers(2 technical interview rounds and 1 HR round).

Two students were selected & I was 50% of the selected ones 🙂

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