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SalesForce Interview Experience for Customer Success Agent FTE (On-Campus 2020)

  • Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2020

Round 1 (Online Assessment 75 minutes): The assessment consisted of three coding questions two of medium difficulty and one of hard.

Coding test questions: I don’t remember all three questions fully but I hope I can provide an idea.

  1. It was a question based on the path from a point of the matrix to another gaining maximum coins on its way. The standard question can be easily found in coding platforms
  3. Given three kinds of question papers (1,2,3). The sitting arrangement had to be done in a manner no two students with the same sets sit adjacent to each other There were certain other constraints too.

After this 97 students were shortlisted, and I was one of them.

Salesforce proved to be a very responsible company they provided prior information and ample time for preparation. Before Round 2 A Coffee Chat was conducted to brief students about the communication round and other interview requirements.

Round 2(Communication Test): A Versant English Test was conducted on Pearson where our communication skills and verbal ability were tested. Massive elimination was done after this round out of 98 only 16 were shortlisted for further interview rounds. I was one of them.

For communication test preparation many resources are available on the internet.

Round 3(Technical + Managerial Round): It included the technical round in the first half around 30-45 mins and the managerial round around 20-25 mins.

  1. Technical Round: I was asked which was my preferred programming language. My answer was Java. The whole interview was based on questions on Java and a few of my projects. It also included a live coding round on CodePair. Basic Questions on oops concepts and java basics including constructors, garbage collection, virtual classes, interfaces, overloading, etc. I was asked to code a question on CodePair wherein I was given two sorted arrays I had to merge the and find median and mean of the same and print answer in floating points with the given number of decimal digits. I was able to code it and answer most of the questions.
  2. Managerial Round: Basic behavioral and situation-based questions. My resume had a section that listed my qualities I was questioned on the same. For example- Site a situation wherein your projected trait of multitasking, etc. The interviewer was much satisfied and happy.

For the next round HR Round, the results were declared by individual calls.

Round 4(HR Round): This round was carried out by basic interaction on various topics. Including questions on Salesforce, projects, interests, etc. Information and experiences were shared, This was just to analyse one’s thought process, interaction skills, and confidence.

After this finally, 12 students were selected as FTE, and I was one of them. I hope this would help since I couldn’t find appropriate help during my preparation.


  1. Always have knowledge about the company and the profile you are applying to.
  2. During live coding even if your code doesn’t work try explaining your approach that matters more than correct output.
  3. Be very clear with basics and confident with your answers the interviewer may try to confuse you.
  4. Learn to say No to the questions you have no idea about or don’t know at all.

All the very best!

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