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Salesforce Interview Experience for Associate Technical Consultant (Pool-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2021
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 This article is about my Interview experience with Salesforce’s Campus Recruitment Program (Futureforce) (Pool Campus). The process took place in the first week of January in total virtual mode.

Round 1:Online Coding Round

Platform: Hackerrank

Duration: 1 hour 15 min.

No. Of Questions: 3

Questions are as follows:

Round 1:

1.Given N boxes containing different number of Books in each box(numBook[i]),take a minimum number of books from the boxes conditions are such that:

  • you must take either all or none of the books inside a given box.
  • you cannot skip taking books from boxes adjacent to each other.Box1 and 2 can not be skipped but you can skip box 1 and 3.
  • you must have a minimum number of books in your hand

for example ,if there are 6 boxes and the number of books in box are {7,2,13,12,9,1} then the minimum number of books u can take is 15(by skipping box 1,3,5).



2.In the game of cricket, players can score runs by hitting the ball delivered at them(by another player called bowler) and running between designated spots(wickets).

suppose if a player is only allowed to score 1,2,4 and 6 runs in a ball.How many ways the player can score N runs without hitting consecutive 4s?

for ex, to score 4 runs, the player can hit the runs in subsequent balls in the following ways.








3. This was similar to the below problem

Since it was pool Campus so Students who had attempted atleast 2 question in my campus got shortlisted for the next round.Around 29 students got selected overall including all campuses.

All selected Students are invited for a meet to discuss about further hiring process.

Round 2:  It was communication ability test (online test) i.e Versant test which was 30 min Test you can find videos for it on youtube. All selected students needed to take this test  within 12 hrs of time limit.

This was again an elimination round though , your internet connection should be proper while giving test.

Round 3:First Technical Interview on Google Meet ,Firstly i was asked to introduce myself and then she Jumped to my CV and asked me to explain my projects. She further asked me the schema of my database of one my project and possible queries based on the my Database.Further she asked about dbms concepts like 

  • foreign key and primary key 
  • difference between Normalization and Denormalization
  • Joins and different types Of joins.
  • why do we perform Joins
  • Differentiate Truncate and Drop and Delete command of SQL.
  • Indexing and Types of Indexing
  • Difference between Primary and Secondary Indexing

My personal advise would be take any example and explain.

Further she asked me to choose one language.I chose it as C++. then she asked further about

  • Difference between C++ and C.
  • what is Oops and its features
  • what are classes and objects 
  • Constructor and Destructor. 
  • Abstract class and interface and 
  • the major difference between abstract class and interface 
  • Design concepts about Abstraction Encapsulation and Polymorphism,
  • RunTime and Compile-Time Polymorphism 

she just went into covering almost all related concepts of Oops.

then she gave me a puzzle to solve which was 

You are given 8 identical looking balls. One of them is heavier than the rest of the 7 (all the others weigh exactly the same). You a provided with a simple mechanical balance and you are restricted to only 2 uses. Find the heavier ball.

And then she asked me a problem like Given a 3 digit Number and You need to just reverse the number(Imp: you should not jump and explain palindrome logic) , Just read the question and you just have to answer like since it is 3 digit ,we can simply reverse first and last digit.


Second Technical Interview on Google Meet

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