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Salesforce Internship Experience (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2019

Online Coding Round:

The online test for Salesforce was quite simple there were 3 very simple questions

Q1) You were given a matrix and check if it was symmetric or not(brute force solution).

Q2)This question was related to longest common sub sequence  .

Q3) print all balanced parenthesis in a given string.

Almost all the students solved all 3 questions.But the trick was how fast could you do it.

Around 15 people were shortlisted on basis of Cg and time taken to solve the test.I solved all the questions within 25 minutes and got shortlisted for personal interviews.

Round 1:

This round was fairly simple but I was given the last slot for interview because of my very low gpa.

The interviewer asked me what do you know about OOP I told him about methods polymorphism inheritance

abstraction etc. He was satisfied then he gave me a question on Binary tree

The question was to create a tree from a ternary expression and return the root of the tree.I told him the approach and wrote a  recursive function he was quite impressed by my speed.He asked me to check if this code would miss some corner case I was quite confident and told him no this code should work.

He then gave me 2 tables and asked me to write a sql query at first I was stuck but then he gave me a hint and in solved the query as soon as i got the hint.

We had to wait for an hour the results were announced and 7 students got shortlisted for the next round.I was selected too.

Round 2:

The interviewer was quite friendly he asked about me and where I was from and he then asked me which subject I was confident with I told him I was very comfortable with Data structures and not so much with OOP and DBMS he said okay and asked me 3-4 questions.

The first Question was to search for an element in a row wise and column wise sorted matrix I told him 3 approaches starting from brute force to the most optimized solution.

The second question was to find 2 node in  a BST which sum up to x(given).I again gave 2 approaches one with extra space and another with constant space.

He then asked me a question on 2 pointer approach I told him the solution.

The interviewer seemed quite impressed by my speed and my approach to the question.

I came out and was asked to go for the next round immediately.

Round 3: 

This round was hr round. He asked me about me if I had any projects and then asked me about my area of interest I told him Data Structures. Then he asked me what technologies have i worked on and then asked me if I had any questions I asked him some very basic question and the round was done.

Out of 7 people 6 people went up till the HR round.I was a bit nervous as I had the least GPA in all the 6 people but the they declared the result and they selected 3 people and I was one of them.

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