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Salesfoce Interview Experience |Set 2 (On-Campus For SDE )

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 30 May, 2018
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Recently salesforce visited our campus and took the following rounds for the final selection.

Round 1:

Written aptitude round containing basic questions on C and C++ programming.The questions were easy.
Around 10 students were selected for second round.
Round 2(Online coding at
1.Write a program to find the number of valid parenthesis in a given expression.
For eg:
((()))) contains 3 valid parenthesis and hj()(i()) contain 2 valid parenthesis.
I solved it using stack.

2.Write a program to print the output solution for the rat so that he can reach his hole assuming that there is a unique path possible.(1 represents that path is possible and 0 means that path is not possible).
input :




It was a simple question and solved it using two nested for loops.
Around 6 students were selected after this round.

Round 3(Technical):

He asked me two tough questions:
1.You are a given an integer .You have to print all the possible valid parenthesis for this integer.
For eg for n=2,we have o/p= ()() ,(()),etc
I solved it using this approach.I first print all the possible permutations for a string possible using that integer and then finally check if it is a valid parenthesis,then print it.

2.FInd the angle between hour and minute hand when time is 3:15 assuming an analog clock.

I was not selected after this round but i want to thanks geeksforgeeks for helping me in this interview.

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