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Sahaj Software Solutions Interview Experience

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There were 4 rounds in total.

Round 1: Online MCQ round, 40 questions in 30 minutes with topics DS, OS, OOPs, etc.

Round 2: Coding round of 30 minutes, it was an easy question. Given a 2D array filled with 0 or 1, the condition was that the cell will remain 1 only if 2 or 3 of its neighbors are 1 otherwise, it will become 0.

Round 3: It was a telephonic round, there were two interviewers.

  1. First, they asked the introduction, then on what project I am currently working on. There was cross-questioning on the project too.
  2. Coding question: Implement stack with three features push, pop, and extract max.
  3. Coding question: Print the zig-zag order of a given binary tree
  4. Then I was asked about how processes are managed. I told you about scheduling, ready, waiting, and the current state.
  5. Next was how input is read from the memory, I was expected to provide steps for it.
  6. SQL queries to print a combination of two tables (can be done using join), then I had to propose a method to make the search for a particular data fast (indexing in DB).
  7. Features of object-oriented programming, with real-life examples.

I was rejected after this round, but I am pretty sure that the next round was an HR round.

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Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2020
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