Sagitec Solutions Interview for Tranee Engineer Post

I applied through the campus. It took complete day to complete the hiring process.

Round 1: Firstly, written test was there. Written test consist of 2 sections first 10 logical questions ( logical, quant etc), second section was the 20 technical questions. Total 30 questions. 4 marks for each correct answer and -0.25 marks for each wrong answer. 40 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2:Second round was the group decision. That was not elimination round. The group decision was of 8 mins and 8 people was there.

Round 3:Third round was 1st technical round. Which is elimination round and this round responsible for basic technical skills. 17 students were shortlisted.

Round 4:Forth round was 2nd technical which is for the projects and other extra technical things. After this round they running out of time so they evaluated the students skills and select 10 out of 17 students directly.

Round 5:At last in HR round they gave the offer letter to the selected students.

Some Technical questions :

Java vs python
NoSql vs Sql
Collections in java
Joins in dbms
All Oop concepts
Andriod app life cycle
Things involved in developing andriod app like intent, gradle etc.
Cloud vendors
Join vs union in dbms etc..

I suggest to use the GeeksForGeeks for technical interview preparation and just “Be Confident.” And one more thing i want to say Be Honest and learn to say No if you don’t know the answer.

GFG helped me a lot preparing for the job. Thank you very much GeeksForGeeks.

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