Saggezza Interview Experience 2019 (On Campus)

Round 1: Written Test

Contains total 42 Questions (90 Minutes)

14 Technical (7 JAVA, 7 C++)

14 Aptitude

14 English

Round 2: Coding Round

2 Questions from hackerrank (1 Hour)

Round 3:

Technical Interview

  1. Interviewer asked me which data structure you’ll use to calculate factorial(100)
  2. What is operator overloading and Multiple inheritance
  3. Explain the codes from coding round and how can you optimize it further
  4. Favorite and Boring subject

Round 4:

Technical and HR interview

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What is the craziest thing you did
  3. What is cyclomatic complexity and where it is used
  4. Why we need to study Data Structure
  5. Give an example where using data structure reduces time complexity
  6. The he asked me general questions about family, siblings etc.
  7. What you know about the company
  8. If I had any questions for the interviewer

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