Sabre Interview Experience for Associate Software Developer

Round 1:

Time:1 hr 30 mins.

It had two sections with aptitude and coding. Aptitude was general with logical, quantitative and technical questions. Each question had negative marks with +2 or +3 for a right answer and -1 for wrong answer. There were two coding questions

1.highest frequency repeated character.

2.minimum length of a substring that has all characters present in the given string.

Eg:s = ”aabacadaca” answer would be 5 whose substring is “bacad”

Round 2:

Technical round 1:

Time:1 hr 30 mins.

Interviewer asked me questions on dbms( Normalization), time complexities… he asked me algorithms for prims, dijkstra and while explaining kruskal’s algorithms i was asked to write a psuedocode for the detection of a cycle in a graph.

Finally i was asked stock buy sell problem.

Round 3:

Technical round 2:

Time :1 hr.

This round was based on my academic projects and internship.General questions like tell an instance where technology lacks and how do you implement it. Here and there basic questions on c++, java, polymorphism, virtual functions.

Round 4:


Time:20 mins:

Strengths and weakness(how did you overcome it).Role play-you are an employee who was underrated but you have actually completed the work on time. So how do you approach your manager. Short term goals, long term goals.Is higher education is necessary.Finally any queries for the company.

tips:practice coding, be technically strong and in interview kill time on things which you know.

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