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Ideas for Strong Recoverable Passwords

  • Last Updated : 10 May, 2016


Do you have one password for all your device? Do you have 100 passwords and sometimes forget them? Do you have trouble remembering the password? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should read this post. If not, read it anyway as it may offer something that may change your life.

A lot of people ask me, How should I pick a password? or How do I make my password secure Well I am here to share you a secret of creating a good password, that is very simple to implement, easy to manage. You may never have to think of another password again…

Materials you need:

A book. That’s right all you need is a book. So go ahead and pick a book you want to.

I am here to tell you that you can have the ease of remembering one password, at the same time have different passwords for different websites and always have a different password, and maintain a list of password without anybody else deciphering them all in one go!

Let’s solve all these problems

That’s right we can solve each problem with just one object, a book. Alright, you should’ve had enough time to pick out your favorite book.

    •  Now close your eyes pick a random page and place your index finger somewhere on the page.
    • Open your eyes.  Did you land on some word? If not, try to close your eyes again and repeat the previous steps.
    • If you did land on the word however, look at the page number and write it down, look at which paragraph it’s located and write it down. Look at the sentence number, and write it down(optional). Look at the word number and write that down, You should have 3 or 4 numbers. Let’s say in my case I used 3 number option, I landed on page 55, The paragraph number is 3,  and the word number is 2. All I have to do is remember 55,3,2 and I have passwords set for life.
    • Let’s say you can’t remember such numbers. Let’s use your birthday (That’s right the password will be safe even with your birthday).  So let’s say you were born on October 21. So you can remember 10,21. So 10 will be the page number, 2 will be your paragraph, and 1 will be the word number in that paragraph. So at most, you will only need to remember 6 numbers, and with that set you can have all passwords.
    • Now use the next 3-4 words as password (with no space). If paragraph ends repeat the last word however many times. For example, and then there was none and you wanted to start with was. Hence, you just generated a string that no one will think of. To further increase the security, you can replace a word by a symbol. For example replace o, with a number 0 and s with dollar sign. Hence, further increasing the security of the password. Just make sure to remember that you make that change. There are other ways to further shuffle the password, but the rest is just icing on the cake. You should already have a very random and secure password.

Let us take an example :

My date of birth is 23-02-1997. Let say 20-02-97. So we go to the 20 th page of the book “Theoretical concepts in physics” by M.S. Longair. In that page, I go to the 2nd paragraph and the 97th word there. The word is “nonlocality”. So my new password is nonlocality and that does not reveal my thought process as I am not a physics undergraduate and therefore, it is hard to guess. Note: I will not set my password as nonlocality as this has been made public. I will be using another book. 😉 for me and for you L.

So what if I want to change my password?

It’s simple! You don’t have to change the numbers you picked. Just pick up another book, go to the page, the paragraph, and the word number and use that word as password.

In conclusion, create passwords using books. It is safer, easy to change, and password recovery is easy.

This article is contributed by Arsalan Md. Saad. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks.

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