RTRIM() Function in SQL Server

The RTRIM() function removes trailing spaces from a string.

Syntax :


Parameter :
RTRIM() function accepts single-parameter like input_string.

  • input_string :
    It is an expression of character or binary data. It can be a literal string, variable, or column.

Returns – It returns a string after truncating all trailing blanks.

Example-1 :
Using RTRIM() function with literal strings.

SELECT RTRIM('GFG a computer science portal for geeks') 
AS RightTrimmedString;

Output :

GFG a computer science portal for geeks

Example-2 :
Using RTRIM() function with a variable.

DECLARE @input_string varchar(25);  
SET @input_string = 'IPL sponsorship this year.';  
SELECT RTRIM(@input_string) + ' Dream11  '; 

Output :

IPL sponsorship this year Dream11

Example-3 :
You can used RTRIM() function with a variable for question and answer as shown in example given below.

DECLARE @input_string varchar(25);  
SET @input_string = 'who is the sponsor for IPL Game this year :';  
SELECT RTRIM(@input_string)+'Dream11' ; 

Output :

who is the sponsor for IPL Game this year :Dream11
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