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Royal Dutch Shell Interview Experience

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Round 1:

First round was an online test conducted by CoCubes. It was an adaptive test. It has three sections which included Quants, logical reasoning and technical section.

TIPS: Try practicing previous years CoCubes  question paper. It will definitely help.

Round 2: (Technical Round)

It was a Skype round. The Interviewer browsed through my resume.

  1. He asked me to introduce myself.
  2. He asked me to pick up my favorite project and give him a brief idea about it. He later asked me to tell about the challenges which I faced during the Project.
  3. He then asked me how can Computer Science be used in an oil based company like Shell
  4. He then gave me a table and asked me to perform normalization on it. It was followed by a lot of discussion on Database Normalization.
  5. He also asked me about triggers and ACID properties.
  6. He then gave me a C program and asked me to give the output of that program.

Round 3: (HR Round)

It was again a Skype round.

  1. He asked me to introduce myself.
  2. He asked me whether the projects mentioned in my resume were individual projects or done in a group.
  3. He gave me scenarios like if one of the team members was not working then how would I deal with it.
  4. He asked me to describe a situation in which I met a major obstacle in order to complete a project. How did I deal with it? What steps did I take?
  5. In the end he asked me if I had any questions for him.


TIPS: Know your resume well. A lot of questions will be asked on projects and also be prepared to answer a lot of behavioral questions.

The results came out the next day and I got selected 🙂


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Last Updated : 08 Dec, 2017
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