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Rotary Club Interview Experience for Development Engineer II (.Net and SQL)

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  • Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2022
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Started with an explanation of the current project, and on that basis,some questions were asked:

  • What are different Azure Services used?
  • Explain Azure Blob service? Used Blob client or API in your project?

Then normal questions like,

  • What is a collection?
  • Difference between Arrays vs Lists in C#?
  • How do API and .Net communicate?
  • What is the JWT token
  • What are delegates?
  • What is SQL injection?
  • Do know about no SQL?
  • What is an HTTP handler?
  • What are design patterns?
  • What different design principles? SOLID?
  • What are the types of triggers for DDL?
  • What is DOM?
  • Difference between SP vs function?
  • What is the router link?
  • Different data binding in the angular extension?
  • Write a query to find nth salary?
  • What are CLR services?
  • Managed vs unmanaged heap?
  • What is the callback function in JS?
  • Difference between Abstract vs virtual?
  • Different filters in MVC?
  • What is attribute routing?
  • What is a circular dependency?
  • Difference between IEnumerable vs IQuerable?
  • String is a reference type?
  • Difference between ArrayList vs Array?
  • CTE and TempTable
  • Default access modifier for class and interface?
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