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Robotics Process Automation – An Introduction

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Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a useful and widely emerging technology in the business world nowadays. RPA is based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which uses various software robots to perform business-oriented tasks. Previously, in many organizations, the large volume of data was handled by the humans themselves. But with the use of RPA, all the maintenance of data can be done easily with the help of a few software and no manual or human interference is needed. 

RPA is based on business process automation where handling of tasks in business organizations like repeatedly updating user’s data, queries evaluation, and maintaining databases is done with the help of robotics automation. 

Also, software robots are easy to integrate into any system according to the requirements and provide results that are comparatively quick and accurate as done by humans. 

How does it work? 
RPA observes the repeated actions performed by users then the automation is done on those tasks directly in the GUI. Thus, RPA works on the business’s existing applications and handles routine tasks like E-Mail invoice processing, report maintenance and generation, data extraction, access to websites, and many more. 

Benefits of RPA:

  1. Cost reduction – 
    Using RPA’s for Business Process Automation costs less than hiring employees for the same.
  2. Improved accuracy – 
    RPA provides more accurate results than manual work.
  3. Saves labor and time – 
    As the work done by RPA is fully automatic thus it is quick in nature and also reduces manual efforts and time.
  4. Reduced operational risk – 
    RPA provides error-free results and reduces the chances of mistakes as work is done by robots and not by humans.
  5. Reduced workloads – 
    As most of the tasks in organizations will work on RPA, thus it will lead to a lesser workload on employees.
  6. Simplicity and flexibility – 
    Working with RPA is very easy as it doesn’t require any kind of coding and can be integrated into any system hence is flexible by nature.
Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2022
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