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Robosoft Technologies Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2019

Good morning all,  I got a mail from our college that to attend pool campus interview on Sep 21st 2019 in our college (Vivekananda college of Engineering and Technology Puttur).

Round 1:  Aptitude( Quantitative and Analytical ) Logical round, we need to answer 20 logical questions in 30 minutes, out of 120, 40 students got cleared this round

Round 2:  Technical written test, they give 5 simple coding questions we need to do it in 30min

Rounds 3: Group Discussion (simple topic)

Round 4 : technical questions related to c, c++, OPPS concept, they asked me to write some programs related to linked list, Factorial of number

Round 5 : technical questions related to problem solving ability, they give some tricky puzzles and test our problem solving ability

Round 6 : Essay writing, they give some simple topic

Round 7 : HR, this is simple and friendly, rejection possibility is 0.00001% 🙂

Finally I cleared all the rounds and I got Selected.

Thank you !!

All the best !!

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