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Roadmap to Learn JavaScript For Beginners

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 04 Jul, 2022

JavaScript is the king that rules the world, it runs everywhere and is indeed an amazing language. According to Stack Overflow, it is the most popular programming language and is being on top of the list for 7 years. Using JavaScript you can build interactive websites, the best example being Google Maps (you search and it shows you the location instantly). 


The most beneficial factor is JavaScript can be used as a front-end and back-end language both. Also, it supports multiple frameworks like React, Angular, and jQuery. The most popular MNCs that hire JavaScript developers are Google, Netflix, Walmart, Microsoft, etc. The average expected salary for JavaScript developers is $53000 per annum. 

Now, when there’s a much-talk about JavaScript, let’s know what it is.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted compiled, and well-known scripting language for web pages. It helps you to build great front-end and back-end applications (game applications and web applications) using frameworks. It gives the best Graphical User Experience. Also, if you want to read a tutorial, have a glance at JavaScript.

Before learning JavaScript, make sure you have good hands-on on HTML and CSS. If not, here are some courses which will help you to learn:

  1. Advanced HTML – Self Paced
  2. CSS Foundation – Self Paced

To get complete knowledge of JavaScript, please refer to:

  1. JavaScript Foundation – Self Paced
  2. Advanced JavaScript-Self Paced

What is ECMAScript? (ES5 and ES6)

ES or ECMAScript (European Computer Manufacturers Association Script) is the scripting language based on JavaScript. Its first version was released in the year 1997. It creates a standard for creating a scripting language. There are mainly two versions which are of great use ES5 and ES6. Read the Differences between ES5 and ES6 and you can be more clear with this. 

You must definitely read Introduction to ES6 and get to know how it functions since it is widely used while creating applications.

Start with Basics

JavaScript helps in building the complete website from scratch to end, so having complete knowledge is a must. Let’s start with the basics first. When you have a short glimpse of JavaScript, start with the fundamentals of it which include classes, variables, data types, functions, operators, loops, and objects. 

1. Classes

2. Data Types 

3. Variables 

Want to read about Global and Local variables? Here’s the answer – Global and Local variables in JavaScript

*Note – Read Variables and Datatypes in JavaScript to know the difference.

4. Functions

5. Loops

6. Arrays

7. Objects

8. Operators

7. Control Flow

8. DOM Node

Things to Know: (Must Read)

  1. JavaScript | Type Conversion
  2. JavaScript | Events
  3. Difference between == and === operator in JavaScript

Move to Advanced 

When you have good knowledge, it’s time to go for advanced topics. Some of the advanced topics are listed below: 

Build Projects

When you start building projects, you get to know their functioning. So, build some amazing projects on JavaScript and get hands-on experience. Here are some of the list of projects you must build in JavaScript:

  1. A Calculator
  2. Countdown Timer
  3. To-Do List
  4. Movie App
  5. Social Media App Clone
  6. Resume Builder
  7. Online Editor
  8. A Gaming App
  9. A Quiz App
  10. Tic Tac Toe

Try these:

  1. Top 5 JavaScript Projects For Beginners on GFG
  2. 7 Interesting Game Projects To Enhance Your JavaScript Skills

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