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Road Transport – Definition, Types, Examples

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2022
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Road transport is transporting the goods, and people from one place to another place on road. The road acts as a bridge to reach from one end to another end. 

Examples of road transport: Buses, rickshaws, trucks, scooters, motorcycles, and cars.

Types of Transportation

  • Road transportation
  • Rail transportation
  • Marine transportation
  • Air transportation


Road is a way from one end to another on earth that is used by vehicles like cars, bikes, autos, etc.

Types of roads

Gravel roads

Gravel road are one of the types of roads. Gravel roads are low quality roads which are better than earthen roads. Gravel roads are made of gravel itself. Gravel is defined as combination of small rocks. Those small rocks that came from mountains are paved as a road for temporary use. This type of road is constructed or used in villages.

Earthen roads

Earthen roads are one of the types of roads. Earthen road is also a low cost constructed road which is used for temporary purpose. This is constructed as pavement structure within the soil.

Kankar roads 

Kankar is like a small stones made of limestone. Impure form of limestone is Kankar. These are low quality road and also having low performance.

Murrum roads

Murram roads are one of the types of roads. It is constructed by using igneous rocks.

Bituminous roads

Bituminous roads are one of the types of roads. They are most used roads in this world which is low cost and also suitable for driving location.

Water Bound Macadam roads

This road is constructed using crushed stone. The spreader stone are settled with by sprinkling water over it. This can be performed well when comparing to gravel, earthen and Kankar roads.

Concrete roads

Cement roads are also known as Cement roads. These type of roads are costlier when compared to the gravel, earthen, Kankar roads. Time taken for the concrete roads is more compared to gravel, earthen roads.

Highway roads

High way roads are made with a mixture of sand and rock with asphalt cement. 

Vehicles that moves on roads and its capacity of handling baggage in that vehicles


There are many types of cars. Carl Benz is the person who invented first car in January 29 1886. Cars are also designed to divide based on the fuel.

  • Diesel cars
  • Petrol cars
  • Battery cars


Lorries are also named as heavy goods vehicles because they travels with heavy goods like cotton, vegetables, Iron etc., Some of the types of Lorries are named below. Lorries uses mostly diesel as fuel.

  • Emergency vehicles: Fire engines required lorries as a road transport.
  • Living things stock vehicles: Transport hen, pigs, cows, buffalos, sheep , goat etc.,
  • Trucks having refrigerator: Transport of food and drink.
  • Large load vehicles: Cement mixers, car, bikes transporters etc.,

Motor vehicles

Motor vehicles are like bikes, scooters. In bikes there are model like bullet, sports bike. In scooters there are models like bike and scooter combination scooter. Motor vehicles are of the following types.

  • Bikes : Uses diesel as fuel 
  • Scooters: Uses diesel as fuel and also battery scooters also available.


Tractors are commonly used for load travels like cement bags, sand, bricks and rocks. They are also used for agriculture purposes for lifting the dry black mud to upwards. Tractor uses mostly diesel as fuel.


Cranes need high power to lift the heavy loads like cement roads etc., Cranes are also used to lift the rocks which are having heavy weight. Cranes runs on diesel as a fuel.

Road rollers

Road roller have very much weight used to settle the constructed road in good way for the sake of vehicles to travel. Road roller runs on diesel as a fuel.


Autos are having three tires. Autos can take loads like kitchen accessories, tiles and fertilizer like that. It is used to travel on roads only. It also take people from one place to another place. Autos run on petrol as well as diesel.

Sample Questions

Question 1: What is the importance of road transport?


It provides faster and less costly means of transporting goods and services.

Question 2: Mention one disadvantage of road transport.


Volume of traffic and passengers is very large.

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