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RJ45 Color Code

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 30 Nov, 2022
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Pre-requisites: RJ Full Form

RJ45 is a well-known ethernet connectivity connector that allows users to connect through wired internet. there are other ports also which do the same, but RJ45 is widely used and most common in wired internet connection interfaces. It is an ethernet cable consisting of 8 wires(4 pairs of wires). These cables follow a specific color code with respect to the arrangements of the wires.

Types of Ethernet Cable:

1. Coaxial Cable: It is a cable consisting of inner conductors surrounded by a concentric conducting shield, with two separate dielectrics. many of these cables are also covered with a protective outer jacket. These are mainly used for carrying high-frequency electric signals.

2. Twisted-pair Cables: these are a type of wires used in communication in which two conductors of a single circuit are twisted together to improving electromagnetic compatibility.

3. Fiber-optics cable: this cable is also known as optical-fiber cable, it is an assembly similar to a electrical cable but it contains one or more optical fibers that are used to carry light. These cables are used for long-distance and high-performance data networking.

RJ45 Connector:

This connector RJ45 is available in two standards i.e. T568A and T568B. each of these works as pin IN and pin Out for ethernet cable to perform data transfer. the only difference between these two cables is the wiring of green and orange pairs.

RJ 45 pin diagram


RJ45 cable Pin Out color code T568A:



T568A is a commonly used pinout standard for ethernet cables. The highlight of this standard is that it is backward compatible with one-pair as well as two-pair USOC (Universal service ordering code).

Here is the color code table for the T568A standard:

PinWire ColorSignalDescription
1white/GreenTX1+Transmit +
2GreenTX1-Transmit –
3White/OrangeRX+Receive +
4BlueTX2+Bi-Directional Transmit +
5White/BlueTX2-Bi-Directional Transmit –
6OrangeRX-Receive –
7White/BrownTX3+Bi-Directional Transmit +
8BrownTX3-Bi-Directional Transmit –

RJ45 cable Pin Out color code T568B:



This standard gives better protection from noise, It also isolates the signal more effectively as compared to T568A. It is only backward compatible with a one-pair USOC wiring scheme.

Here is the color code table for the T568B standard:

PinWire colorSignalDescription
1White/OrangeTX1+Transmit +
2OrangeTX1-Transmit –
3White/GreenRX+Receive +
4BlueTX2+Bi-Directional Transmit +
5White/BlueTX2-Bi-Directional Transmit –
6GreenRX-Receive –
7White/BrownTX3+Bi-Directional Transmit +
8BrownTX3-Bi-Directional Transmit –


Characteristics of RJ45 Connector:

  1. Excellent sealing and waterproof performance. to ensure that the RJ45 connector can be used in multiple environments.
  2. Provides strong signal Transmission due to complete shielding system.
  3. Provides safety locking system that ensures that connector is not detached while in use.
  4. Transfers information at a very high-speed that helps to achieve maximum data transmission function in the shortest time possible.


The connectors comes in two standards, T568A and T568B. A cable can have same or different connectors at the both ends. Based upon the type of cables like, Straight and crossover. with straight over both the ends have same connectors either T568A or T568B and in crossover they both the ends are different.

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