Riverbed Interview Experience | Set 1 ( On Campus )

Riverbed Technology, Bangalore visited our college for campus hiring. The selection process included One Online MCQ test , One Coding round and three technical interviews.

Online MCQ Test

Online MCQ test which mainly includes Computer Networks, Operating System, C ,C++ and some questions on mathematical aptitude. There were around 45 questions you have to do in 60 min.

Coding Round

After that round they shortlist around 20 students, next day Who selected in written test , they went for coding round. Coding round was offline . You have to code on the system and compile those code and show the execution to the examiner(Company’s person). There were two code .They were clearly mention that you have to do code in c or c++.

  1. First code was you have to find out intersecting point of two linked lists ,if exits otherwise return -1. The code was easy but the thing was you have to create both the linked lists ,insert nodes and also like proper memory allocation(if something wrong then it give segmentation fault error) and then find the intersecting point. In this question they (Company’s person) check for false cases as well .
  2. The second question was Create a program to instantiate a bitmap with 800,000 bits and provide setter method to set the nth bit in the bitmap. It was little tricky question. you have to apply some little logic.

I did both the questions and At the end one person from them check my codes and said me “GOOD JOB” 🙂 . It was + point for me. After this round they shortlist 6 students.

First Tech Round

After Next day Morning 8:00 Am they started interviews.My first tech interview was on c programing . They give me around 7 to 8 c programing question . I have to write codes on papers. Basically questions was on memory allocation, some Dynamic array allocation problems , c stack related problems and some string related problem on memory. Questions were tricky . After that in this round he asked some c basic concepts.He just want to check my c knowledge. This round happened around 1 hour.

Second Tech Round

In second round was on my project and Tree related questions. In this round,He asked me to explain my current project. I explained my project in a very well manner. Then he asked me my previous year project. I explained that project also . Those both project was in Networks so he was more interesting in my both the project .He listen my projects very carefully and at the end he give me some suggestions on my current working project. After project, he asked me two questions on tree.

He said me to code for that tree problem . I did the code and explained him then he increase the complexity of the problem and said me do again the code . I did and same he again give some more condition . I tried but that solution was not too efficient .This round happened around 1 hour. Then It was the end of my second round. He was satisfied from my performance 🙂 .

Third Tech Round

Then I called for third round . This round was the basic overview of networks and operating system . He asked me the question in general way like I am dummy you have to explain me what is networks,What is routing protocols ,how to can transfer data in general way, how scheduling works, how kernel works and many more questions on networking and os . I have to give answer in smart way to him.

I give so many answer for one question . but he was not fully satisfied my answer. When I give one answer he ask me another question on that problem . The discussion going on around 2 hours. It was very amazing round just a general knowledge checking round.

And at the end they selected 3 students, I was one of them. Thanks to GeeksforGeeks!!!!

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