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Rippling Interview Experience | On-Campus for Intern+FTE

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 29 Nov, 2021

Round 1(Online Technical Coding Round  – 1 hour): The coding round was held on the HackerEarth platform. It comprises 3 questions:-

  1. Given an array of N integers. There are 2 players and each player can select any integer either at the first position of an array or last position turn by turn. Calculate the maximum difference between the score of the first player and second player if 1st player makes an initial move. Similar to problem:-
  2. Calculate the number of positive integers between range L to R where the sum of digits of the number is a prime number where 1<=L<=R<=10^18.
  3. I didn’t get time to read this problem properly 🙁 But was a problem related to graphs.

Weightage:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1-40 Marks , 2-70 Marks, 3-40 Marks

I fully solved first 2 problems and got shortlisted for interviews with 9 other students.

Round 2(1 hour)– The round started like any typical interview; the interviewer introduced himself and asked me to introduce myself. Then he straight jumped to coding questions on their code pair ide. Three questions were asked which are mentioned:-

  1. Given an n-ary tree find the parent node of the subtree with the highest average. Similar Problem :-
  2. Given an n-ary tree find the maximum number of invitations we can give to nodes such that 2 directly connected nodes can’t be given invitations together.
  3. Minimum no. of iterations to pass information to all nodes in the tree. Similar Problem:-

I was expected to write code for all the questions. This round was mainly judged based on explanation skills and whether you can follow their hints and code the solution in a given time frame without making any errors.

4 students were selected for the next round including me 🙂

Round 3 (1 hour)- This round was object oriented design round. 

  1. First, I was asked to introduce myself and he was quite impressed with my work. Then he asked about my projects followed by challenges and difficulties faced during project and how I am aiming to solve these challenges in future. Then he as asked be a design question which I needed to solve with best time and space complexity.
  2. The question is mentioned: Design and implement a Least Frequently Used (LFU) cache and use Least Recently Used (LRU) in the case of a tie. Problem Link:-
  3. I was expected to code a complete design problem while giving proper explanations of my proposed solution. In such design questions, you need to follow the hints given by the interviewer properly.

Finally, 2 students were selected including me 🙂

Lastly, if I can get into Rippling, trust me ANYONE can. If you are getting rejected even after your immense hard work don’t get demotivated, learn from it and move forward. I also faced many rejections from companies like Flipkart, Morgan Stanley, etc. but I didn’t lose hope and finally got a better offer. So just have faith in the process and your hard work will pay off.

Thank You 🙂

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