Ribbon Communications Pvt Ltd Interview Experience

I got an opportunity to have an Interview with Ribbon Communications previously calles Sonus networks, Bangalore. Following is my interview experience:

Shortlisting through Elitmus, so the first round was a pH test which consisted of aptitude, English and logical questions .

After the ph test, the interview drive was conducted at its bangalore office.Around 30 people had appeared for the interview at the office premises

Note:  This was the 4th drive in august month 2018 which i attended as due to short notice by elitmus i was not availaible to attend earlier drives.

It was not mentioned on elitmus that they were looking for testing profile in 4th drive. So it was a bad luck for me as i was looking for software developer profile but as i came to bangalore from delhi after spending 6k on flights i attended the interview and below is my experience

1st round

Written Test (40 minutes)

3 sections

Section 1: Networking, OS and Linux commands

Section 2: Mcq on c++

Section 3:  output related question on java and c++ (linked list and oop related)

Section 1 and 2 were having +2 and -1 marking criteria.

4-5 students out of 30 odd were rejected after this round.

2nd round
This was F2F technical round on networking and OS and basic java.

Some of the questions asked were:
2. Explain hard disk structure. Paging?
3. Quick Format vs normal format?
4. Java vs c vs c++

5. Linux commands and question related to projects.

6. Why ribbon communications if you have other offers?

This round lasted for about 40 minutes.

I was rejected after this round as during this round i told that i was interested in development role and not for testing profile and troubleshooting.

3rd round

It was an HR Round for my friends who cleared 2nd round.

Overall experience was good as i got to know new things of networking which they asked in round 1.

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