RIA-Advisory Interview Experience | On-Campus

Location: Pune

RIA-Advisory came to our college in the Month of September 2019.There were only 3 rounds.
One Mcq round and two technical interviews.

Round 1: There were questions on Java, C++, mathematical problems and word problems. Questions were of medium difficulty and time 1hr. Out of 150 students 40 cleared the test.

Round 2: The technical interviews were held in the RIA Pune office. In the first interview round they asked me concepts of Java and made me write a simple code of simple logic with correct syntax in Java. They also asked me to explain my project.

Round 3: The second interview round was quite difficult. They gave each one of us a problem statement and made us to explain and solve it on the white board. The questions were:
• Buy Maximum Stock problem.
• You have 5 students and 5 subjects .Each person can choose only one subject, and the subject cannot be repeated. Find the number of groups formed.5 subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology and Biology.
For Example:-
Input: pcmzb Output: 1
Input: pcmbc Output: 0
Input: mbcppbmczz Output:2
Only 13 students were placed from our college.

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