Reverse each word in a linked list node

Given a linked list of strings, we need to reverse each word of the string in the given linked list.


Input: geeksforgeeks a computer science portal for geeks 
Output: skeegrofskeeg a retupmoc ecneics latrop rof skeeg

Input: Publish your own articles on geeksforgeeks
Output: hsilbuP ruoy nwo selcitra no skeegrofskeeg 

Using a loop iterate the list till null and take string from each node and reverse the string.





// C++ program to reverse each word
// in a linked list
#include <bits/stdc++.h>
using namespace std;
// Linked list Node structure
struct Node {
    string c;
    struct Node* next;
// Function to create newNode
// in a linked list
struct Node* newNode(string c)
    Node* temp = new Node;
    temp->c = c;
    temp->next = NULL;
    return temp;
// reverse each node data
void reverse_word(string& str)
    reverse(str.begin(), str.end());
void reverse(struct Node* head)
    struct Node* ptr = head;
    // iterate each node and call reverse_word
    // for each node data
    while (ptr != NULL) {
        ptr = ptr->next;
// printing linked list
void printList(struct Node* head)
    while (head != NULL) {
        cout << head->c << " ";
        head = head->next;
// Driver program
int main()
    Node* head = newNode("Geeksforgeeks");
    head->next = newNode("a");
    head->next->next = newNode("computer");
    head->next->next->next = newNode("science");
    head->next->next->next->next = newNode("portal");
    head->next->next->next->next->next = newNode("for");
    head->next->next->next->next->next->next = newNode("geeks");
    cout << "List before reverse: \n";
    cout << "\n\nList after reverse: \n";
    return 0;



List before reverse: 
Geeksforgeeks a computer science portal for geeks 

List after reverse: 
skeegrofskeeG a retupmoc ecneics latrop rof skeeg

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